Blooming Pussy Willow

Yes, pussy Willow. It is the first tree that begins blooming in Alaska in the spring. So right now, it is pussy willow season!!! That means the rest of the trees will be getting buds soon. The snow seems like it’s melting so so fast! Here is a photo a mere 3 months apart. Not the same shot, but does it really need to be? You can see the difference!

While everything is thawing it looks a little brown and gross out. But those buds start blooming and it turns green faster than you could imagine. It literally happens overnight. Sometimes during the day! Drive to work, no green. Drive home, green everywhere! It’s so weird. This is what I saw today when I opened the back door at work. Yes!!! So exciting. 

I’ll have to give you a one week update of how things have changed… Everything is buddin’ and it’s beautiful! What is spring like where you’re from? I’d love to hear what spring is like in your home, so comment below a little about it!