Wasilla to Vegas >>

We just spent 5 days in Vegas.                       It was excellent!! Except…. There’s always something, right? Well, I got sick the day we arrived. And I was sick, for two and half days! After I got over my sickness on day three, but husband ended up sick. Thankfully he felt good the next day so we were able to enjoy our last day as normal healthy human beings. Which was nice! Even though we were sick, we will made the best of the trip though.

Day one, napping and lounging at the pool to try and get over whatever bug was attaching me. And here is my typical girl picture, only difference is its Vegas so there is no sandy beach between my toes. 

So this was my third time traveling to Vegas, we went with a few family members to celebrate my cousin turning 21! So, we did a limo strip tour. (The Las Vegas strip, not stripper in a limo. Although that could be a million dollar idea…. patent please!). Anyways, we took the tour which brought us to all the hot spots without us having to walk, excellent for someone who just wants to sleep but doesn’t want to miss out so they go anyways. We went to the mirage volcano, bellagio fountains and garden, Fremont street and Las Vegas sign. ​​

​The fountain show was probably my most favorite one that I’ve seen thus far, and the garden was incredible. Just the extent of detail and placement of the flowers. It was like a fairy tale. It was just amazing. Here are two gorgeous flower butterflies we saw. 

We really crammed a lot of activities into our 5 days, I don’t think we over did it by any means. It was a good amount of things to do. We went to the Shelby museum, pretty beautiful cars in there. My husband and I were too cheap to get s room with a mini-fridge in it (not by choice, just didn’t realize I guess) so… We need cold booze. We filled our sink with ice and called it good! 

I have an extremely huge fear of sharks. I’ve never even seen one in person before, I haven’t seen any shark movies that really shook me up but for some reason they just terrify me. So, naturally we went to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. They had some pretty interesting critters in there. And yes, I saw the Sharks. I was a little uncomfortable to say the least, but now I’ve seen a shark! ​and yes it was scary… I would never swim with sharks. 

After a bit more pool time we took off down the strip and went to the avengers station, mostly for the guys but, I enjoyed it too! Ironman is my man! The hubby and I split off from everyone else and went to the Secret garden at the Mirage. We got there just in time for the Dolphins to be fed and go to watch them do some pretty cool stuff! We of course also went into the garden and saw the lions and tigers and leopards, oh my! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming!) such beautiful and amazing animals they are. Our last night there we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, watched 3 fountain shows and dos the high roller. Overall, very very successful trip! Next time, I better not get sick…. 

Speaking of next time. That will be at the end of September. Cause we are going to the route 91 harvest festival baby!!!! If you don’t know what it is, and you love country music, check it out. Maybe we will see you there! 😉