Where did you go spring?

So let’s start with about two weeks ago, the hubby and I went with some friends out to one of our friends family cabins. We loaded up the snow machines and drove about 2 hours north, then had to ride the machines out to the cabin. The riding was pretty decent, just the right temperature to go for a ride, only downfall was it had been pretty windy so the snow was very wind blown, making for a rougher ride. We had come to terms with the fact this was our last ride of the season, since my husband would be going back to work for two weeks and not home until April. So yesterday Mother Nature decided to hit us with a curveball! It decided to start snowing, no big deal, it wasn’t too much snow. All the fresh stuff melted off by the end of the work day. Well, to my surprise when I woke up this morning there was about 3 fresh inches of heavy wet snow. I of course, didn’t give myself enough time to get the truck all wiped off and to work on time, since I thought we were done with snow! I hurried as fast as I could, on my drive to work heard on the radio “expect snow for the next two days”. Oh no! But, I guess this means we do get to go riding again!! The temp warmed up, and by the end of the day most of the snow was melted off again. The photo on the left is at 9am on my way to work, and at 5pm on my way home on the right. Does this make sense to you?! 

When this happens it makes it hard to believe that it was the same day.. I’m okay with it though, if it allows us to get one more spring ride in! Fingers crossed it will last until the hubby gets home.. But it is about that time to start preparing myself for summer. The next step, planting my flower starters for my flower bed. That will be a fun one to share, so keep watching! They are getting planted this weekend, so I’ll have updates before we know it. I am welcoming you with open arms summer! But let’s let spring have her moment for now. Which means, goodbye winter!