Winter Wow

So I have lived here in Alaska my whole life, I am 24 years old so that is 24 winters I have spent here. Granted, I don’t remember the first few but boy do I have some great winter memories as a child. 

Now, with all this global warming stuff going on our winters have slowly gotten worse and worse. And by worse for an Alaskan I mean warm and no snow.. Or in a lot of cases not quite cold enough to snow but those clouds were dumping so therefore we get… Freezing rain. Ew! Nobody likes that. It has been about 4 years since our last “good” snowfall. The last we had still wasn’t that great, we got one big dump and then nothing. My husband and I have snow machines and haven’t got much use out of those bad boys the last few years. But hallelujah we finally got snow! Would you just look at it?! This is our back porch, half shoveled. It was up to my husbands knees. 

As a matter of fact, we were able to pull out snow machines right out of our garage and go ride the trails and swamps near the house! We are about 15 miles out of the nearest town, so we have lots of area to play. 
The largest town/city in the state is called Anchorage, we are about 45-60 minutes away from there depending on the weather. One recent afternoon we “drove into town”, which just means Anchorage. We went to Costco and to a hockey game for our hometown Alaska Aces, part of the ECHL. The drive was absolutely breathtaking. There were huge snow clouds rolling over the mountain ahead of us that we’re creating a dark sky and then there was a beautiful pink sunset lighting up the blue sky that was still showing. I got this amazing shot. I know it’s uncommon to get a photo of something and it to do what you were actually seeing justice, but this does it justice! This is exactly what it looked like. Look at the angle the light is creating on the side of the mountain! I mean, wow. And now spring is almost upon us!! I cannot wait for our beautiful summer days and sharing that with you! We still have a bit more winter ahead though