Holiday Bizarre

Literally, bizarre. This holiday season has been a madhouse in my life! Hence the distance between posts. I do apologize! Thank you for sticking it out with me, but I am back baby. Let me tell you my life craziness.. Starting with Halloween. My husband was home this year; first year he has been home for three years. We had all of these elaborate plans to do pumpkin carving with friends, roast the seeds, go to a masquerade party, go to a friends Halloween party, go to our annual “Boo-Fest” (a brew fest that is Halloween/costume themed) and then stay home for any trick-or-treaters we might get. About 1% of that actually happened. When we made it to the store they only had the ugly, have rotten, deformed pumpkins left… So we had to scratch that plan. The masquarade and “Boo-Fest” fell on the same night, so naturally we follow the beer. The friends Halloween party, well.. Let’s just say as a 23 and 25 year old, we are pretty big home bodies. However, the “Boo-Fest” was a blast! Unfortunately I was the designated driver for my husband and a few of his friends, but I did have a few tastes of different beers. Also got to eat some good grub, we got a macaroni and cheese waffle cone with a maple bacon glaze on top. Yes, you read that correctly. It was delectable! And then we got a Greek gyro, also delectable. Fast forward, my husband comes home from work on the 15th of November. My boss is out of town the 17-27 so I got to work Thursday and Friday and then am a free bird until the 28th! Woohoo! So, Sunday we are hosting a Thanksgiving at our place. My sister spent the night Saturday evening, we made pies and prepped a lot of the food. I made my first turkey! We had quite the feast; with baked turkey, brown sugar and honey ham, green bean casserole, baked sweet potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, regular baked red potatoes, bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, spinach artichoke dip, jalapeño pooper dip, pumpkin and apple pies, oatmeal cake, snicker doodles, and I feel like there was more.. Oh ya! I also made a pumpkin spice latte in the crockpot for everyone to sip on upon arrival and a pumpkin spice hot cocoa for the kiddos, as well as myself since I don’t drink coffee. And when proof-reading this paragraph post writing I realized it wrote “jalapeño pooper dip” and that was just too funny to erase, so I let it as is haha! Hope you noticed and chuckled a little also. Now today is really thanksgiving eve.. Tomorrow we will attend a thanksgiving hosted by s dear family friend of ours, it is going to be delicious. She ordered a precooked dinner from a high end restaurant in Anchorage. I am probably most excited for the turkey, seeing as it’s a deep fried Cajun turkey. Uhm, yum?? I will be bringin s pumpkin roll, per her request. And a honey lavender cheesecake with a pecan crust, this is to accommodate my mother in law since she cannot eat sugar. Plus it sounds delicious! Will definitely have to post all the goodies after the great day! After our day tomorrow I plan on pulling out all of our Christmas stuff Friday and start decorating. The only bad part, I made an agreement with my husband last year that we could take turns decorating every year.. That agreement was on my year I get to out up our white tree with all of my pretty sparkly decorations, classy, ya know? Well, he wants to get a red tree and decorate with Star Wars ornaments, ninja turtles, Mario, beer mugs and well.. “Fun stuff” so therefore we agreed to alternate. And this year, this year is his year. So now we are off to the store to buy him some decorations! Wish me luck.. And stay tuned for photos of the finished product. Happy thanksgiving!! A photo from my drive to town today! God bless Alaska!