Termination Dust

Termination dust? What is that? Well, it is our lovely Alaskan term for the white capped mountains in the fall. It means the termination of our lovely summer is finally here, and the dusting of our first snow falls are starting to come down the mountains, hence “termination dust”.  It is really a quite gorgeous time of year as the trees are starting to turn gold and brown the mountain tops are starting to turn white.And we wait in high anticipation of the, hopefully, beautiful white winter. Our first snowfall came earlier than usual this year, not that most of us are complaining! We were lucky enough for it to freeze and stay cold instead of getting warm and have the first snow melt. This is not a good thing for Alaskan winters, the first snow melting that is. We are very glad because it will create a good “base” as we call it. So when we get more snow the bottom layer will be frozen, making a solid layer for snow machining! The last few winters we have had, and by few I mean like six or seven, have been very unfortunate when it comes to our snowfall levels. Our base has not been created well which means that the snow machining hasn’t been quite as good. The snowfall has been very minimal, which also means the snow machining hasn’t been good. It’s really unfortunate when you become an adult and can afford to buy your own snowmachine and have to load it up on a trailer and drive three hours to ride it, versus when you were a child you could just open up the garage and go right out your backyard and take off on the Snowmachine. I have high hopes this year! Another winter activity that Alaskans are getting excited about is snowboarding and skiing, and well of course sledding too! Personally I am not a coordinated enough individual to be skiing or snowboarding, but count me in for some sledding. Rumor has it that they will be putting in a new ski resort at the nearest go-to skiing and snowboarding location, Hatchers Pass. The next closest that people can go to is in Anchorage called hilltop ski resort, and the best one in the state is called Alyeska ski resort. Anchorage is about a 60 minute drive from my hometown Wasilla, and Girdwood is about a 2 hour drive. Personally, my husband and I prefer to go snow machining though, as I have mentioned many times in this post. It is truly a gorgeous time of year, and I have two favorite times of the year.. when we are in the middle of summer and all the trees are bloomed, the lilac bushes are full of their vibrant colors, the trails are just enough ridden on that you know the good and bad places to ride your four wheeler for the season before they get too destroyed. And the other time of year is when we get our very very first snowfall of the season! As much as I enjoy every snowfall throughout the entire winter, the way that it makes the trees pop and the glistening when the snow twinkles in the sunlight, but the first snowfall is unbeatable. These are two photos only a few days apart of a little pond on the railroad tracks on my drive to work. One is before the first snowfall, the other is after. And notice, the hoot with the snow you can’t see the mountains in the background because of all the snowfall coming down. Waking up and looking out the window that first morning and seeing the snow covering the ground and then measuring it while I was at work to find that it was a 5 1/2 inch deep snowfall! I was quite blown away, I think this was probably as much snow as we got in the entire winter last year…  Which is awfully sad, considering that we live in Alaska. But unfortunately our winters just haven’t been with that used to be, but experts say were supposed to have a record year! So cheers to a good snow year, a Happy Halloween, a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!