Hello Internet,Welcome to Autumn in Alaska! If you hadn’t gathered, my name is Autumn. This is my first post and I am honored if you are reading it. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself and my state. I was born and raised in Alaska, the most beautiful state in our lovely US of A! If you haven’t been here, I highly recommend you change that. The time of year that you come is highly dependent on your choice of extracurricular activities. Do you enjoy to be out in the sunshine, listening to the birds chirp and breathing in clean summer air? Possibly seeing some incredible wild life like moose, or bear? Or maybe even going out on a glacier cruise to see and actively caving glacier, hopefully some whales, walrus or seals? Then you had better join us sometime between the beginning of June to the middle of August. Be careful, it starts to get rainy here in August! Honestly though, our weather is crazy. One minute it is hot and sunny and the next it is raining and doesn’t stop for a week. So good luck to you. Now, if you are the opposite type and prefer to ski, snowboard, or snowmachine (or how they say in the states-snowmobile) then you would be fit to visit us between mid-December to the end of February. During our winter months you can still enjoy the sunshine but for very limited hours per day, you can still enjoy some birds chirping and get to smell a different smell in the air, a crisp cold scent that you only smell in the fall and winter. I love the smell in the air at that time of year, it is one of my favorite scents! We have one large ski resort here called Alyeska. It is located in a town called Girdwood, the cutest little hippie town. Fun fact, it borders the northern most rainforest in the world. The tress are unbelievably amazing! If you like to snowmachine you have quite a variety of places to go, all are quite a drive but well worth it. One of our favorite places to go that is close to home is called Petersville. We can ride a ways to a little lodge restaurant to warm up and have a bite to eat. It is quite lovely! I figure most people would prefer to see us during the “pretty” summer months. But honestly, nothing beats the twinkling of the fresh snow fall on tree branches and the sparkling frost on your car window when you have to go start it before work at 7 am. It is truly an amazing place to live! So on with where I started. I am lucky to be married to a handsome, loving, caring man named Brendan. He works on what we call “the slope”. This would be the north slope oil fields. We can save that for another post at a later date. We have one gorgeous child, her name is Cabella. She was a rescue that a dear friend of ours found abandoned on the side of the road in a town called Big Lake, a very small town about 60 miles north of our largest town, Anchorage. Did I forget to mention our child is an American bulldog boxer mix fur baby? Oops, sorry about that! (Haha) Anyways, we are absolutely blessed to have her in our lives and are thankful that my husbands friend delivered her to us. This gentleman was named Rye. He was one of my husbands closest friends growing up, they went to school together, played hockey together, as well as many other extracurriculars. Our entire community unfortunately lost Rye this past August but Brendan and I are lucky enough to have a very dear connection to him through our dog Cabella. She reminds us of him and his kind heart everyday. Thank you Rye, we love and miss you dearly! Our beautiful fur baby is now 4 years old (as far as the vets determined) her birthday is in December and will be 5 years old! Currently she does not have any little brothers or sisters. Not of the furry decent or human, yet anyways… We do plan on having children and adding another furry child to our household but do not know when either will happen, so if you enjoyed this post please stay tuned for more! I think that is plenty for now, thanks for reading and I hope you come back again soon. 

-xoxo, Autumn